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Thursday, December 22, 2011

No snow yet...

The day started early today, around 6 am I woke up the the dogs telling me it was time to go outside.I got out of bed slowly and walked the boys downstairs, when I let them out I saw one of the most beautiful sights. Fog in the morning.

I grabbed my camera and took this picture

and later on in the morning around eight, I took the picture below.

After all that I got ready for the busy morning. 
I did my hair.
Mainly because it is REALLY long and putting it in a ponytail or bun gives me  a headache.
Recently I have fallen in love with bobby pins.. 

 I took this picture with the flash on..

 <---this one is better I think.
I just twisted strands of my hair, braided some here and there.
wrapped them around,
and pinned like crazy.

Even after going to bed so late I have been feeling pretty well. Yes I am tired. But there's not enough to do everything I need to do one day. So rather than taking a nap. Like Craig is doing right now, I am blogging. Because its addicting, and fun. I don't know who is reading this but I hope you enjoy it. Now back to today. Craig and I went to the Mall (I barely go-Malls can be expensive-and I am all about saving the most I can). We also stopped at the Goodwill on the way home. He threw a HUGE fit as we were checking out.He had climbed out of the small cart (it had no belt so I used my belt hold him in the cart safely.) and I had to hold him in the store as he arched his back attempting to get free. He didn't though...because he would have been running around the store like crazy. I'd rather have a screaming toddler.
A screaming toddler usually means a sleepy toddler, and when combined with traffic, and the toddler in the car, equals a sleeping toddler.
I got home to see my handsome husband in his flannel shirt and old blue jeans, getting ready to work on his truck. He even helped out, he shut off the truck when I carried Craig in the house. He was so tired the sun didn't even wake him up! it's almost three so I need to finish this post before he wakes up!
After I got done taking care of Craig, I let Lucas out. Lucas is a dog we adopted this year.
He's about a year old. So its like having another child in the house.

Lucas and I
                                         It's Lucas!

 Down the hill there's an old barn/shed. I sometimes go to explore, I have been meaning to share these pics. I took them today, the pics are of the same sled. Its a red radio flexible flyer. I used to have one, they got to be one of the best sleds out there.Its sad that this one has been left to die.

I may or may have not have taken too many pictures of him.
He's such a sweetheart.

This is why I love where we live.
No leash.
No picking up the poop.
Thats the neighborhood down the road!
he can run, and so can I.

 Now he's a bit worn out.
he's tired, I have done my job.

 As I walked up the hill,I spotted this plant.I thought they were little ferns..
 But they don't look like them.
anyway they are pretty and have great color.
 Until later, this is Amanda Evans, Signing off!

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