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Sunday, January 1, 2012

last year..okay last week.

We have been very busy this past week..last year..
On the 28th of December, My husband had his appointment for his hand with the cyst.
They made him make an appointment for an MRI, even though we all know what is wrong with his hand.
So his some pictures of the day we went:

He was throwing a fit in the hallway by the snack shop at the hospital, and an Army officer stopped by and gave him a little bag of Oreo's.He loved them!

See he is happy with his backpack and tether..have to say it right so it doesn't sound bad..or politically incorrect..

 He loves his cars!

 we must of worn him out because he passed out!
On the way home, we drove the back way through Quantico and I had to take a picture of this motorcycle. Craig has a hot wheels version..
but he kinda took of the front wheel..
along with the handle bars..
duct tape worked for a while.

 we got stuck in traffic on the highway home..
I got a bit bored, and started braiding my hair in tiny braids in random spots, it was kinda cute..

 oh yeah.. the gas light came on just as we were on the way home. the picture of the van has a story.
all the pumps were full, so we pulled up behind her, she was leaning into the vehicle talking to the passenger with the gas door comes the funny part, she started looking for the paper towels (which are more germ-filled than all others I bet!) she opens the driver's side door and gets a white paper towel from inside her vehicle, then proceeds to use the towel punch the buttons on the credit card area, THIS women was CRAZY! Sad part is I almost became one of  those women. those who are carry hand sanitizer everywhere and wipe down everything before touching it.
after getting gas we went to Subway for dinn dinn. dinner. Craig thought Daddy's sub looked good. so he took some bites of it.

he was distracted by the girl.. he's a little flirt!

I want that one!!

 this! the hoody was way too big.. but he didn't care he was warm and cozy!

The wind is always blowing his house over-so.. I took some duct tape and this was the end product. it was yesterday, New Years Eve. It's the New Year and the house is still standing..well not the door..
but everything else is.
hopefully I will write more later.. but its been really busy around here. I feeling like I am on a roller coaster. I don't what this year will bring or where we will be for that matter.