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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It snowed! in the kitchen..

so I just accidently hit the pin it button.. and it canceled out my amazing work!! BAH HUM BUG..
Today Yesterday was so busy! The day started off with a trip to the courthouse to WIC (Women Infant Children-government provides checks for peanut butter, bread, eggs, fruit, milk, and cheese). If you have a child under five, you should get on the program.It's helped us out a lot! After the quick appointment, Craig and I went to the commissary on base. I kept getting confused-they are in the process of renovating the place and alot of the products have been moved around. On the good note Quantico's Commissary is finally catching up with the rest of the bases! Since it is almost Christmas, I decided to make some cookies. Before I rolled the dough out, I sprinkled the flour and said "look Craig! Its snowing!"
I should have known that would backfire and he would do something crazy!

 I am so glad I had the Otter Box on my Iphone 3GS!
The case has saved my phone so many times. You can find it online at Amazon or Ebay for about eleven bucks. My Husband paid fifty bucks for my case at Best Buy. I couldn't wait a few days for obvious reasons------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 I am so glad the flour came off my Dining room chair easily.

So yeah that was fun. 
At least it was just flour. 
A few brushes and it came right off. 
the dogs enjoyed eating the flour off the floor.

two days ago, I made this pumpkin roll.. yummy! I will have to post the recipe.
 I bet you are thinking.. those cookies look good..well, you could eat them.. but I wouldn't suggest it.. they are dog treats. Made by me, two days ago. My little helper Craig enjoyed helping me and even ate some!
but he's a little boy.

Now back to the cookies!!
  "This" said Craig. He's a very smart boy, He just doesn't want to talk yet..But he will when he's ready. but for now, he's a toddler.

He was my little helper yesterday, he loved using the cookie cutters to make gingerbread men. 

 NOM NOM NOM..milk. He went take a break to play after this picture was taken.

As he played, I baked some more cookies.. sugar cookies that is!!
the whole wheat flour worked better to help the dough from stick to the table and the rolling pin.

baking in the oven

To make these cookies, I used gel food coloring and colored the sugar cookie dough green . I combined the dough with the gingerbread dough and this was the end product.

 See! I can bake and decorate like Betty Crocker!!


Cookies for my neighbor.
 Star's cookie! Star is a Marine Wife at the Barracks. She is a really cool gal and a good friend.

                                                        Cookies for the Office
                        I told Ryan no earlier to this cookie because I wanted him to enjoy the snowflake at work.
For Linda. my neighbor who almost waves at Craig and I when we are outside.

For another neighbor.

for Corporal Stil. a co-worker of my hubby's.

Well. I have finally re-typed this whole post.. okay..most of it.
either way.. I am tired and my bum hurts from sitting on the floor.
it's almost 2am.
I am beginning to think this is a new trend for me.
In all seriousness, there's simply not enough hours in a day to do everything.
Just so you know I finshed this post around 12:45am.
and then one wrong click and everything was gone.
I hope you enjoyed today's post. even though it probably says Thursday. its supposed to be Wednesday's post.
well I have to work on some Christmas cards before I hit the hay.

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