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Thursday, April 4, 2013

So it's been two days since my last posting..yesterday was a busy day. Doctor's appointment for our baby due here in a few months and the post office. it was mainly long because I didn't have the customs forms filled out beforehand..but I did have them taped and ready.

the night before last..I took him to walmart to get more tape...I was that mom with an uncontrollably screaming kid. I wonder how I will manage to attempt control his fits when I am further along..hmm..not going about So here's what some of them look like on the inside:

I didn't scrapbook the sides on all the boxes to that of an epic "oh my goodness" but I worked with what I had on hand and I think they looked great. for dinner on Tuesday night I made ham with pineapples on the stove-top.It looked like this:
Last night we had chicken nuggets nuked for 2 minutes..they were good.I should mention the little guy in the photo below was finally taken to the park yesteday evening. I had been telling him for a few days we would go but then the day would just pass me thats why he looks so happy.

Today is thursday and tomorrow is Friday..Red shirt friday..wearing red to support the men and women who serve this fine country and are currently was raining on and off all day..and we took this was raining. the tan dog you see in the picture is Lucas's best my eyes are telling to be go to I am going to listen. see ya'll later!

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