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Monday, April 1, 2013


hello everybody,
I have been pretty busy at times during the past couple of months.So this blog hasn't been active in sometime. Last May, we packed up our house in Virginia  and moved down to North Carolina. It was a BIG change. I moved from the place I grew up and even had my first kid to a new and unknown area. Thanks to my wonderful husband and family, the move wasn't too bad. Finding new friends took me about three months-Three months!!! North Carolina sure is different, the people seem so much more opinionated down here with a touch of's crazy..I have NEVER been told off by so many people in Walmart for the way we discipline our child. That's why I say-people be crazy! The friends I have found are amazing and have been amazing..I hope they stick around-the military gets to decide that though.
Recently, my husband deployed-I know that's a big thing-especially on the whole world wide web to announce. Yes, some of that last sentence was't worry my friends, I am not going to tell his location or what he is doing..don't want to violate OPSEC. I have seen friends of mine doing it on facebook announcing locations and such..This is his first deployment and it hasn't been too bad yet, if anything I am feeling stronger because of this crazy adventure.
For the time that he is deployed, I have decided to get this blog running again. I have so much time to do so I don't know about some of you-but for me I love going on Pinterest.One of the things I have seen for deployment is have a deployment bucket list. I have one started already and I am pretty excited to get started on it.More on that at a later date..
Yesterday was a big day..Easter. better put the first of many holidays I will spend without my husband home:/ I woke up later than usual and ended up going to the second service at church.There were so many people there that I parked my truck in the grass. A Marine and his family walked by and Craig pointed saying "Daddy,"it was hard not to get emotional. Craig has been taking this deployment pretty good, he usually says "Daddy on a booo-oooaatt" like a broken record. lol.He does have his moments where he gets sad and starts to miss him, so we usually sit on the couch together and watch tv. I reassure him that his daddy loves him and is on a super mission.I'm hoping that if I make deployment sound cool and exciting he'll think its cool. I don't want to be a mom that doesn't mention daddy during the whole deployment, that's just wrong. Anyways, we had a really good easter meal at my girl's Cassie's house and then went home.Craig took a nap and was up really late-say 11 o'clock-but he was able to hunt eggs in the backyard. Here are some pictures:

He's tough like his daddy:)
ignore the dog marking his spot in the

 <--getting the last egg
Yep..The easter bunny visited.

Bear with me, I have yet to figure out this blog thing out all the
I can't believe how fast went by today!It's already near the end of the day. We went to the bank this morning..that was interesting in itself..Well, every outing with a kid is, isn't it?I hope ya'll have enjoyed reading this post..I think I am going to take a nap and then see what I can create for Come back tomorrow to see what I made for dinner:) Or you can just to see what's up.
Until later-signing off.-Amanda

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